The Secrets of Growing Cannabis
Growing marijuana is something you can do as a hobby especially if you live in a place where growing medical marijuana is legal. You can actually learn to grow marijuana by reading magazine articles or online articles, and here we would also give you some secrets of growing the plant at home. Click  this site to get more info. You can grow two type of marijuana cannabis plant. One is cannabis sativa which gets you stoned, and the other is cannabis Indica, which gets you high. If you know how to grow marijuana correctly, then you will have pure, addictive-free cannabis.

Growing cannabis is easier now that modern techniques have been introduced. They provide many varieties of hybrid strains. While most growers are satisfied with a yield of two ounces per plant, they don't know that it is possible to consistently yield over a pound or two pounds while remaining within the restrictions of their medical marijuana programs. You can grow them both outdoors and indoors. The best option for growing marijuana is using indoor hydroponics.

You can start by germinating some marijuana seed or get some good clones from a reliable person. The best seeds are femininized seeds which you can grow under artificial lighting, outdoors or in a green house. These seeds produce marijuana of high quality, flavor and potency than those produced by non-feminized seeds. You need to remove the male plants before flowering takes place so that you can get potent buds. This will let the female plants use all her energy to product sticky, THC-laden flowers rather than the seeds.

The most popular technique used by growers is the ebb and flow system. Cannabis like lower temperatures and cool blue light. The best lights for growing hydroponic marijuana is metal halide and high pressure sodium. Blue light is good for vegetative phase with red spectrum of HS is optimum for flowering growth. You need to keep the light on for 16 to 24 hours a day during the vegetative phase. 12 to 13 hours  of light is sufficient if you want to initiate flowers. The plants should be 6 inches tall and have at least four sets of leaves. Make sure the dark period is very dark or it will stay in vegetative phase only. During vegetative, give your plants N-rich diet. During flowering phase give them P-rich diet. Clean, nutrient-free water once during the flowering phase should be flushes, and then again after 6 weeks, and just before harvesting.

It is your choice when to harvest your marijuana. If you want high cbd content, then you have to wait until they are brown. Read more here. Hang your marijuana plants upside down from string for drying in a cool dark airy room ad seal them in an airtight jar or bad for the next few days. Expose them to air for only 15 minutes twice a day to ensure complete curing and enjoy a smooth, even burn. Learn more from